Booking Policy


Your booking is confirmed with a minimum deposit of £10.00 deposit per person. Your full remaining balance will be required 2 weeks before your booking date

NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is received. Your Deposit is £10 per person and once received either via our online booking system or by telephone your booking is confirmed. If you have a gift voucher, you can use your voucher number to confirm your booking.


We can seat a minimum of 6 people, and this is on a first come, first serve basis. Should you wish to book this table for less than the minimum persons then the minimum payment to the value of 6 seats must be booked and a request made. We cannot guarantee that this table will be available, and we request a telephone consultation regarding this.


Here at Georgie’s, we understand that sometimes some guests are unable to make the booking. However, deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Should the cancellation be at least 14 days before your scheduled cruise and you’re booking less than 10 guests we will allow transfer to an alternative date, however an administration charge of £25.00 will need to be paid to transfer your booking. If your booking is above 10 guests, then we will require at least 28 days’ notice, or your deposits will be lost. An administration fee of £25.00 will be required.


Here at Georgie’s, we understand that due to COVID-19 some guests may fall ill and need to self-isolate. However, deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Should your booking be within 14 days, we will transfer your booking however an administration charge of £25.00 will need to be paid to transfer your booking.


All deposits once paid are non-refundable and secure your booking If you should need to postpone your private function, we will need at least 28 days to transfer your deposit paid to an alternative date and an administration charge of £25.00 will be applied to transfer. Despite your deposits being non-refundable we do understand sometimes circumstances may change so if you should need to cancel your booking we will offer as follows. 3 months before booking date 50% deposit returned. 8 weeks before booking date 25% deposit returned Within 8 weeks of booking date,


Boarding will be permitted 15 minutes before departure. Unfortunately, due to turn around times and set up we may not be able to allow you and your party to board before this.


If on the week of your booking your party is reduced by any numbers which we haven’t been informed of previously we will NOT be able to offer a refund. However, we will be able to arrange for the additional meal paid for to be taken home in a takeaway box. Whilst we understand this is

sometimes unavoidable that one or more of your guests may not make the cruise without warning, the company ‘Georgie’s canal cruises’ will not be able resell those seats or food and therefore have no choice to cover our costs incurred.


Upon booking you will provide the voucher numbers as payment for your booking. This will be treated the same way as above for cash deposits paid. If you wish to transfer your booking within 14 days, then vouchers will become void. Should you wish to transfer your booking before the 14 days. There will be an administration charge of £25.00


We advise planning your route before your scheduled cruises to leave plenty of time to arrive for our departure times. We are unable to leave later than our schedule. You can find us on google maps under Georgie’s Canal cruises or by using our postcode ST195RH


You can find us just over the little canal/lock bridge just off the Teddesley Road near the layby. Drive all the way around the back of Park gate Leisure where you will find Georgie’s Canal Cruises with in Teddesley Boat company. We have limited parking available on the Boat yard at Georgie’s Canal Cruises, so we advise you car share where possible and park sensibly when on the site.

Should parking be difficult with in the boat yard, there is an overspill highways layby below the bridge with a 2-minute walk to the Georgie Kate, which you can park on, but Georgie’s Canal Cruises cannot be liable for any vehicles parked there. We advise making your way straight to Georgie Kate which is situated on Teddesley Wharf to the right after entering the gates.


Boarding will be permitted 15 minutes before departure. Unfortunately, due to turn around times and set up we may not be able to allow you and your party on board before this.


We have a toilet available on-board Georgie Kate for your use, and this is the only toilet available for guests whilst on site. Should you require this before the 15-minute boarding time please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can make this available for you.

DISCLAIMER – All charters are dependent on safe cruising weather conditions. We will always analyse and consider every risk before confirming the cancellation of a cruise. Your safety will always come first. In the event of a charter being cancelled we will notify you as soon as possible and arrange a transfer at no additional charge.

MINIMUM CAPACITY CANCELLATION – In the event of charter not having 10 or more guests booked on, the cruise may be cancelled at the discretion of the company. In this instance we will endeavour to find a new date for your booking or return any deposits paid in the instance of being unable to transfer said deposit. We will always try our utmost to ensure cruises are not cancelled and this will only be done as a last resort